Student Leadership notebooks

Student Leadership notebooks are an important part of our students' learning.  Every child, 6th through 8th grade, will have a leadership notebook.  Leadership Notebooks are a tool that include data and are a portfolio of the students’ leadership in the school community and their own personal life.  By tracking data students will focus on achieving their goals.  Students will learn to set “Wildly Important Goals” (WIGs) per quarter. Each student's leadership notebook is different according to their needs. 

What is in a Leadership Notebook?

  • Charts for tracking growth in academic areas.
  • Behavior tracking pages
  • Student goal pages:  “Wildly Important Goals” (WIGs). Students are also taught how to effectively set goals and track their progress with scoreboards.
  • Leadership-roles information: Detailed information about leadership roles and what the student learns from them.
  • A place to collect and celebrate victories.
  • Information about Student-Led Conferences
  • Reference information:  calendars, newsletters, etc