M.s. 136 art

2013 NurtureArt Collaboration Project:

NURTUREart's Educational Outreach Program (http://nurtureart.org/?page_id=43) uses art making project to support the English curriculum. Last year, ESL students worked with artist Erin Dunn, teachers Lindsey Smith and Esther Latino, to create animations that explored symbolism in "The Giver" by Lois Lowry.   Watch their stop animation video.

2012 NurtureArt Collaboration Project "Storytellers":

  "Storytellers" project was done in collaboration with artist Bob Rivera, Jess Levey, Renzo Ortega, and ESL teacher Anna Jasch. In one photo it shows books on the table that were written by the students from one class in the 7th grade. The photos above the table were taken by the students who worked with photographers to illustrate their stories. The other picture shows paintings done by the students of distorted graffiti.

 2012 BRIC Rotunda Collaboration Project:

Many of the photos on this page were from a project with BRIC Rotunda Gallery titled: I am You/You are Me .  The focus of the project was diversity and identity through assimilation. Students voted on one student in the class to trace. Then the class worked on imovie biographies highlighting their diversity. Students took the traced individuals and ripped apart magazine adds that represented media's concept of beauty. The students distorted the adds to create two giant students (one male and one female). The students installed the work at Rotunda Gallery and were the headline piece for the opening. 

2013 BRIC Rotunda collaboration project:

Each student  group ( along with teachers Daniel Aguilar, Lindsey Smith, Jose Gonzalez, Maxwell Berger, Michelle Gill, Nancy Landau, Drewe Niehaus, Michael Marando, Jennifer Rappaport, and teaching artist Alice Mizrachi ) was responsible for creating a propaganda posters focusing on the theme of FREEDOM & JUSTICE within a specific assigned country (students selected countries to research and focus on. For example, Brazil, Canada,  Sweden, South Korea, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia). Teachers used 8th grade common core curriculum units for ELA/ESL/Science/Math on Freedom & Justice, Forensic Science, and Economics to have the students research on a local, domestic, and global scale. The back room of Rotunda gallery was the site where students curated and installed 8 posters and a digital montage representing countries they studied. The posters were hung on the opposite walls of the digital projection. The viewers  experienced a full installation incorporating sound, digital projections and propaganda posters on the walls. In the center of the room was a stand with a compilation of the posters that the 8th grade created. This format showcased the different countries that are fighting for freedom while connecting it to each student. The title of the show was FREEDOM IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL